User Experience Researcher

    I developed my interest in human factors in college. Ever since then, I have been thrilled about human-centered design in terms of how people’s behaviors affect the design of products and interfaces in our lives. This excitement oozes out and sneaks into my life - I can't stop thinking about bettering product designs (across software, hardware, and web-based products) in my head when I engage in them!


    My expertise is in approaching research with a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods in order to look at the "What-, How-, and Why-s" behind the use of products.

  • WORK

    Computer Software Application

    Focus groups

    • Goal: Evaluate user perceptions of the current software and the future concept, and identify areas of improvement
    • Method: Insights were obtained from a total of 14 participants in 3 mini-focus groups. UIs of the current and future version of the software application were presented and group discussions were facilitated to explore user feedback
    • Results: Gained insights on users' experience with the current and future design of the software UI, identified trends in design preference, and proposed actionable design recommendations based on feedback and discussions

    Mobile Application

    ​In-lab usability study

    • Goal: Assess and compare the overall usability and value of different versions of the vacation rental mobile application prototype
    • Method: 8 users completed task-based usability exercises with InVision prototypes of the mobile application using a think-aloud protocol
    • Results: Identified the best-in-class practices and usability pain points of the prototypes
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    Emerging Technology Use-Cases

    ​Concept testing

    • Goal: Evaluate interest, preferences, and perceptions of several use-cases in support of future product development
    • Method: Storyboarded use-cases were reviewed by 18 consumer users, and ranked based on the perceived value and usefulness 
    • Results: User feedback on each use-case was gathered and analyzed to facilitate use-case prioritization and product development
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    PC Input Device

    In-lab usability study

    • Goal: Assess and compare the usability of 4 keyboards. Obtain user feedback on related topics, including preferences and key differences among the keyboards
    • Method: 20 laptop users completed a few typing tasks and questionnaires about various characteristics of the keyboards, and participated in discussions
    • Results: Keyboards were compared. User preferences and the delighters and detractors of the keyboards were identified